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Best Exchange Rates Comparison among Canadian Banks

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CHF Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

360 day chart, 1 CHF =? CAD
CHF Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph


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Historical CAD Exchange Rates


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Switzerland Franc(CHF) Exchange Rate against Canadian Dollar
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best money exchange rate: You buy Switzerland Franc at 123(exchange rate:).
best money exchange rate: You sell Canadian Dollar to 123(exchange rate:).

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CHF Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

Notes: Rates may change throughout the day and may differ at the time of booking,and up-to the minute rates may be obtained by contacting any bank branch. Rates can only be guaranteed at the time the purchase or sale is conducted.

Latest 2-Month CHF/CAD Graph & Chart (Depreciation -0.2%)
Switzerland Franc Graph & Chart

Latest 6-Month CHF/CAD Graph & Chart (Depreciation -1.28%)
Switzerland Franc Graph & Chart

Latest 1-Year CHF/CAD Graph & Chart (Depreciation -2.6%)
Switzerland Franc Graph & Chart

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